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Event Currently Over - Watch for October 2021 Dates Coming Soon!

Live training: Jacquie Nagy and friends present
Join Us!
for the most Activating Transformational event of 2021
October 2 -3, 2021
9:00am-5:30pm Live Virtual Event
October 2 -3, 2021
9:00am-5:30pm CST
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Expand Your Influence
2-Day Live Virtual Event
Expand Your Influence
2-Day Live Virtual Event
When you attend you will receive training on proven processes to activate your transformational business. Learn strategies and techniques to heighten your online presence, increase your income, and accelerate your impact. Create more prosperity and abundance in your business so you can create momentum to expand your heart centered influence on the planet.
*Limited to 300 spaces* - register now to ensure your space is secure!
Expand Your Influence: 2-days of learning, networking, and expanding your heart-centered business venture. Trainings and presentations designed for you to take a quantum leap forward and become the global influencer you’re meant to be – all while giving you the practical “know how” to put systems in place that support creating much needed change for your clients and the planet.
What you will experience at Expand Your Influence:

The key factor in using your influence to find opportunities to create change

What You Can Start Shifting Today to Increase Your Income and Grow Your Client Base

Gain maximum sales and engagement in your webinars and talks

How to 10x your clicks and conversions using mobile apps

Performance techniques that will make your message more impactful

Secrets the top authors use to unlock writer’s block and get their book finished

From Kitchen Table to National Brand – How Marketing Makes A Difference

How incorporating a well-told story in your business can dramatically increase your sales

What foods we think are healthy…but are actually “stealing” your energy

Teresa de Grosbois
Teresa is the #1 international bestselling author of “Mass Influence - the habits of the highly influential”, which is now a bestseller in 7 countries. A 4X international bestselling author, Teresa teaches marketing courses around the globe to business leaders and entrepreneurs on how to create massively successful word of mouth campaigns. Teresa heads the Evolutionary Business Council, a global community of speakers and influencers dedicated to teaching the principles of success.
During Expand Your Influence Theresa will Share:
The 3 Pillars of Creating Change - what you need to master to create a high-impact business
As business owners we can no longer content ourselves with simply profit alone. Positive impact is not the higher goal and there IS a roadmap to get there. In this paradigm-shifting presentation, you’ll uncover what’s missing in your business and how to get there in simple, easy terms.
  • The three pillars of creating change and why it’s important to understand their balance
  • ​Why following your heart leads to both greater influence and abundance
  • ​The key factor in using your influence to find opportunities to create change
Jacquie Nagy
As creator of the Holistic Business Success Formula Jacquie teaches entrepreneurs how to master their sales and coaching skills so they can provide the highest value to their clients, learn how to maximize their profits, and enjoy all the many benefits of running a thriving business!

Jacquie’s High Influence Sales training is designed for coaches and entrepreneurs who want results. When you work with Jacquie, you will learn the skills to take your business to a whole new level – and that includes the ability to: attract more clients, increase your income, and to just simply enjoy more overall abundance. One of Jacquie’s core beliefs is, “Live your dream life – designed by you!”

Jacquie is founder and owner of Holistic Directions Inc., International NLP Trainer, Coach, and Speaker. Since 2008 she has trained hundreds of people to be certified as Classic Code, New Code, and Master Practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is also the creator of Graceful Autonomy™, Authentic Life Mastery, and host of Expand Your Influence.
During Expand Your Influence Jacquie will share:
3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Sabotage Sales and How Selling From Your Heart (not a script…!) Can Increase Your Income & Influence
  • What you can start shifting today to attract more clients and increase your income.
  • The biggest mistake 99% of salespeople make that causes clients to tune-out (and not buy…) 
  • ​How to overcome mental barriers which are blocking the sale (yours and your potential client’s)
  • ​How to effectively and authentically communicate with your clients so they ask to work with you again and again
Karen McGregor
Karen McGregor has supported hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs over the past decade to double and in some cases, 10x their income through the power of high-converting talks and webinars. She walks her talk every day, sharing her message on stage with luminaries like Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, John Gray and David Wolfe.

Karen is the founder of Speaker Success Formula and the wildly popular Rock the Stage™ program (for entrepreneurs who want direct results of sales and more clients through speaking and webinars). Her TEDx talk has been viewed by over one million people, and her Wall Street Journal Bestseller, The Tao of Influence, was awarded the top 21 books of 2021 by Online Business Canada and the top 7 business leadership books at the 2021 International Book Awards.
Join Canada’s leading sales on stage expert to learn about "Webinars that Sell (and why most don’t)" - the most important way to gain direct sales and new clients through webinars. Digital presentations are abundant online, but how do you stand out amongst the crowd, and more importantly, how do you get results for your business using webinars and digital talks?
In this training, we will address all of this and more.
  • Gain maximum sales and engagement in your webinars and talks
  • Use key components to create and deliver your digital presentation
  • ​Understand why your digital talk and your offer are not leading to sales (and how to do the opposite)
Anders Boulanger 
Anders Boulanger CSP is founder and CEO of Engagify. For nearly two decades he's been travelling the world with his team of Certified Infotainers creating crowds of interested prospects and presenting brand-defining performances in the trade show exhibits of the fastest growing companies. After logging thousands of hours at trade shows, he has codified engagement and now trains teams in engagement techniques so that they can deepen connection and command attention both online and in-person.  
During Expand Your Influence Anders will share about The Trick to Engagement
If you sell, inspire or motivate, your message will fall flat unless you know how to engage. Anders will share 3 mission critical principles that will elevate the engagement of your interactions. Not only will he tell you about it, but he'll demonstrate these principles in action through entertaining demonstrations in real time.

At the end of this session, you'll have a framework to capture your audience's attention and ensure they are fully engaged in the content or message that you share. This fast-paced experience is as entertaining as it is informative. So, strap in and get ready to engage!
  • How to deliberately create contrast to re-engage your audience
  • Ways of creating Virtual Engagement in a webinar or virtual call
  • Performance techniques that will make your message more impactful
Matthew McGregor
Matthew McGregor is a master of business growth, speaker, coach, trainer, and is the founder and creator of 22 Apps™. Matthew’s discovery of a more powerful platform which reaches more people and produces the most effective results led to the creation of 22 Apps™; a software allowing anyone to create & design their own personalized mobile app to engage more people and market their business to an even larger audience.

Matthew has worked in the personal development world and business world for the past 5 years, building businesses aimed at helping entrepreneurs and leaders share their life changing message with the world. In Matthew’s previous business, “The Client Conversion Formula”, he helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch successful businesses through internet marketing, and he's now skyrocketing these methods through the power of mobile apps.
During Expand Your Influence Matthew will share about The Rise of Mobile App Marketing: 
How To Triple Engagement & Sales By Creating an App For Your Business (without breaking the bank either…!) 
  • How to 10x your clicks & conversions using mobile apps
  • The several kinds of mobile apps and which you should invest in (without breaking the bank)
  • ​How to get downloads and sales using your mobile app
Teresa de Grosbois
Teresa is the #1 international bestselling author of “Mass Influence - the habits of the highly influential”, which is now a bestseller in 7 countries. A 4X international bestselling author, Teresa teaches marketing courses around the globe to business leaders and entrepreneurs on how to create massively successful word of mouth campaigns. Teresa heads the Evolutionary Business Council, a global community of speakers and influencers dedicated to teaching the principles of success.
During Expand Your Influence, Theresa will Share:
Create Your Bestseller in 2022
  • Secrets the top authors use to unlock writer’s block and get their book finished
  • ​The two key things that will have multiple publishers clamoring for your book
  • ​The truth about how bestseller lists work and what you need to do to get on them
  • ​The appropriate way to attain and use bestseller status titles and why cheating or misrepresenting can be the worst mistakes you could make
  • ​What do the numbers mean and how many books do you need to sell
  • ​How to get top authorities in your field endorsing your book
Mary Morassutti
MARY MORASSUTTI is a trailblazer and true entrepreneur.
Mary has created and led businesses that empower female entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Canada for over fifteen years. Her strategic business instincts and razor-sharp marketing expertise have helped female business owners secure the tools, resources and connections they need to drive revenue and accelerate growth.

Mary is Founder and CEO of H.U.B Inc. – Heighten Your Business, an organization for female entrepreneurs launched in 2015 to help connect women to the people, ideas and influences that will accelerate their businesses. Mary has led Business Development and Sales, growing the company from a single Toronto chapter into a truly national brand with sponsorship support from many of Canada’s largest corporations, including Scotiabank, Staples, RE/MAX INTEGRA and BDC.

Mary has always pushed against the limits of what others thought a woman could accomplish. Earlier in her career, Mary enjoyed a national and international media career producing television shows in Japan, Paris, London, Rome and all across North America. Mary is the Chairman of the H.U.B Inc. Advisory Council and a partner in Mashup Technologies Inc., a Toronto-based technology start-up.

Mary’s mission is to do everything she can to empower female entrepreneurs across Canada and around the world.
During Expand Your Influence You Will Hear:
From Kitchen Table to National Brand – How Marketing Makes A Difference
  • Learn how Storytelling drives business results!
  • Top 3 Marketing techniques to get yourself noticed and attract clients
  • Identify your Client’s Pain Points to Skyrocket your Sales!
  • ​5 DIY Tips to Accelerate Engagement on Social Media – and Drive Revenue!
  • ​Insider’s Secrets to becoming an Expert in your Field!
  • PLUS: Special Bonus Interactive Offering!
  • Mary will do an interactive digital profile and social media content review for 3 attendees
  • ​Watch Mary perform her audit in real time!
Dr. Michèle Gunderson
Dr. Michèle Gunderson helps entrepreneurs tell better stories so they can catapult both their businesses and their lives. She is the founder of Story Freedom, a company that helps heart-centered entrepreneurs create empowering stories in every aspect of their businesses. Whether it’s speaking and networking or managing a team or getting the words out, this bestselling author and former university instructor helps business owners get clear on the message(s) they want to convey so that the conversation moves to the next desired action. These dramatic results are why Dr. Michèle Gunderson is known by many as the Breakthrough Story Expert.
During Expand Your Influence You Will Learn About:
Stories that Sell: Three Keys to Gain Confidence, Inspire Action and Sell More with Powerful Stories
  • Why "just the facts" won't move your audience the way stories will 
  • How the well-told story actually changes the chemistry of your listener's brain and moves them to action
  • ​How to know when you are accidentally telling a disempowering story for your potential clients or your company, or worse still, no coherent story at all 
  • ​How incorporating the well-told story in your business can dramatically increase your sales
Catherine Saykaly-Stevens
Catherine Saykaly-Stevens is a LinkedIn Expert and Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategist with the Networking Web. Catherine leads frustrated business owners to understand that ‘Social Media LIKES Don’t Pay Your Bills!’

The key to converting sales online, attracting new clients, and growing audiences are in creating a well-defined strategy in alignment with their business goals and measuring results.

With well over 25-years of online marketing experience, includes 10-years of LinkedIn instruction and strategies for powerful profiles, compelling content, and lead gen conversions.
Catherine simplifies digital marketing with a five-step customized process that gets results.
Mastering LinkedIn: How to Implement Your Effective LinkedIn Strategy for Successful Reach, Credibility and Sales
  • Social media comparison: Why choose LinkedIn as the primary social platform
  • How to combine short-form, long-form, and video content to skyrocket results
  • ​How to use GOSTT to set, measure, and ensure goals are met.
  • ​How to build trust staying consistent with compelling content
  • ​Design a strategy to expand reach, build credibility, attract target audience to start conversations that convert connections to sales
Gary Stuart
Gary Stuart is a four-time #1 International bestselling author, speaker, and personal development expert for over 45 years. He is a Master Constellation healing facilitator of over 2 decades. Gary has been featured on The Dr. Nandi Show globally for ABC TV and with Bryan Gallo at NBC Palm Springs.

Gary developed the Quantum Activation process that activates a lightning-fast release of hidden negatives and transforms them into light to embrace positivity and success on many levels in both life and business.
Quantum Activation: Transform Obstacles to Create Opportunities in Business
What is the #1 thing you would like to see turn around in your business to support you more?

There are many things unseen in the many aspects of our lives. Our subconscious mindset holds a wealth of information. This can either be a plus or minus for your business. Gary’s Quantum Activation (QA) process clears unseen dynamics that may NOT support the success you desire. Bringing hidden negatives to light embraces positivity and success on all levels. "Time is Money" and there is no time to waste being unproductive. Maximize your success by harnessing the power of your subconscious to support your current and future success. Learn how obstacles are actually a gift to inspire change!

Gary will be leading an experiential group session at Expand Your Influence:
  • Become open to your subconscious messages
  • Experience what is holding you back in real time
  • ​Transform negative energy of obstacles into resolution
Sheila Dancho
Sheila Dancho is a highly successful entrepreneur of four exciting and diversified businesses. Each business creates residual income so she knows a little something about the importance of leveraging your time to earn more money and have more freedom. Sheila uses the same strategies, principles, and philosophies to create success in each endeavor she pursues. She is an NLP Trainer, leader, speaker, high-performance business and health coach.

As a huge benefit of having financial and time freedom, Sheila has a high quality of life as a loving wife and mother to three daughters. The entire family regularly spends time together in their beautiful country home and two cottages. Whether it’s at their ranch nestled on 500 wooded acres with miles of nature trails or at their private island cottage where they enjoy water sports, fishing and relaxing – Sheila and her family know how to truly love life!
During Expand Your Influence Sheila will share:
Eating for Energy
  • Which foods we think are healthy…but are actually “stealing” your energy
  • What foods to eat to get your energy back
  • Food combinations to maximize nutrient absorption and hormone balance
  • ​And…when to eat for optimal wellness
Noreen Kolesar
Noreen Kolesar supports individuals who are looking for natural ways to keep their brain sharp, think more clearly and be more creative. She is a certified Brain Gym® instructor and enjoys using games and movement to guide participants toward the outcomes they want to achieve.

Through her company Mindstage, she has also created a simple program for people to follow that incorporates five key components to keep their brain fit for life. As well as her passion for life-long learning, she is committed to a holistic approach to well-being. Noreen enjoys nature, and with her husband spends many hours growing a large organic garden.
During Expand Your Influence Noreen will share:
The Key to Clearer Thinking & Higher Productivity in Work and Life
  • A fit brain is just as important as a fit body!
  • You were not born to ‘sit still and pay attention’! You were born to jump in and engage with the world around you.
  • ​When you attend Noreen’s presentation you will learn the #1 key ingredient to sustaining the high functioning instrument that your brain was meant to be.
Vicki Lund
Vicki will speak on how unresolved trauma can have adverse effects on an entrepreneur's ability to be a leader. Learn how individual transformational work can have a positive impact on the whole community.

Allow your mind to become quiet so your spirit can speak.
During Expand Your Influence Vicki will share: How Hypnosis Supports Entrepreneurs Be the Leaders They are Meant to Be 
Mandy Alexis
Mandy began her journey in the Promotional Branding Industry in 2013. Her career evolved into becoming an entrepreneur when she joined forces with a colleague. Together they opened a new promo company which Mandy helped to build, hire, train, and grow the business.

During this time, personal growth became a top priority for Mandy as she longed to become a better version of herself. So she dove into anything that would teach her about the mind, body, and spirit. As she grew so did her love to inspire others. She discovered a talent for seeing the beauty in the world. She began matching her own photography with bespoke motivational sayings. Mandy Alexis Motivation was born. Very soon after, Mandy became a solopreneur and announced Mandy Alexis Marketing to her current clients and many new ones.

Mandy is educated in the trends of promotional products and how they can help businesses grow. She has the knowledge to help select the right branded products to successfully reach each company's objectives while staying within a budget.

During Expand Your Influence Mandy will Share: Promotional Branding Tips and Tricks
  • Top Items That Will Catch The Eye
  • ​Eco-Friendly Ideas
  • ​Getting Creative- Using the 5 senses 
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Event Testimonials:
I'm so glad I came to Jacquie’s training. I'm just starting out in my business and I had a lot of questions. I really liked how Jacquie linked speaking, with creating workshops, with getting authentic with your intention. I just love that she adapts the content to what's needed in the group and appreciate her intuition and energy. Also applying NLP practices made the training really well rounded. If you really need some help to take yourself to the next level in your business I highly suggest coming to Jacquie’s workshop.

Tammy Cho, Owner Path to the Heart
Jacquie’s workshop was exactly what I needed. I've been struggling on how to expand my coaching business to dream much bigger and help more people. I was fumbling around with the next steps and this workshop gave me the skills I was looking for. Jacquie, you outdid yourself again! You just keep giving from your heart and you always exceed my expectations. 

Sheila Dancho, Executive Leadership Coaching
After attending Jacquie’s training, my life will never be the same. As a coach, who works with healing energy I’m now able to do even more wonderful things for my clients with the skills I learned. Jacquie’s style is highly experiential which means we went through processes to release blocks, feel restored, and seeing the world with new eyes. Watching Jacquie be the model for what she teaches both during the training and after-hours was profound. I’m going forward and use the skills with my clients, in my own personal life, and with my children. Thank you Jacquie. Love ya!  

Paula Hopwood, Soul Enlightenment
I attended Jacquie’s workshop in Winnipeg, and I'm so happy I did! I had no clue where to start in my business and Jacquie really helped me get some clarity. I learned processes that will be effective and make sense. I also got the bonus material of writing my own signature story, which I now know is super important. Thank you, Jacquie. I highly recommend your program.

Serge Gautron, author of Franklin’s Way, 13 Virtues for a Better Life
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